Alexandre Guerra is a long-standing composer and producer of soundtracks for feature films, TV series and documentaries. To date, Alex has contributed with the scoring for over 70 world-class productions and has released several record albums as both composer and performing artist.

Motivated by his father Carlos Guerra—a prolific audio producer in the advertising industry—Alex started studying saxophone at the age of 14.

In 1991, Alex was granted a Duke Ellington Scholarship to attend the Department of Film Scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music—alma mater of distinguished composers Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, Marvel's The Avengers).

While at Berklee, Alex performed on the soundtrack for “Pentathlon”, an action thriller featuring Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables, The Punisher).

At age 24, Alex was awarded “Best Arrangement of Instrumental Music” for his contribution to Brazilian composer Ed Ribeiro Lima’s album “Girassol”, which was selected out of over 180 entries to the Sharp Music Prize for Brazilian Music.

At the end of his 4-year education in Boston, Alex graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee and returned to Brazil to ignite an ever-busy career as principal of his very own studio. Back in São Paulo, Alex furthered his music studies under prominent German contemporary composer and musicologist Hans-Joachim Koellreutter (teacher of Antonio Carlos Jobim).

In 1998, Alex got his break into the film industry as composer of the original soundtrack for “Monteiro Lobato: Furacão da Botocúndia”, a documentary by Roberto Elisabetsky.

Since then, Alex has collaborated with many of the great directors in the film and TV industries, such as Jayme Monjardim, Cao Hamburguer, Sérgio Machado, Maurício Dias, Frédéric Lepage, Mara Mourão, Paschoal Samora, Lawrence Wahba and Ricardo Dias.

In recent years, Alex has lent a hand to notable works such as Globo’s “Maysa” miniseries as composer and producer, and to French-Brazilian venture “Sauvés de l’Extinction”, in which Alex has had the opportunity to direct the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

Alex is also proud of having contributed to several award-winning productions with international reach, some of which have been broadcast in over 80 countries:

“Chasing Che”
“Secret Brazil”
“Across the Amazon”

“O Tempo e o Vento”
“Acorda Brasil”
“Bodas de Papel”
“Brasil Animado”—First Brazilian feature film in 3D.

“Who Cares?”—Best feature documentary at the Washington DC International Film Festival and DocMiami International Film Festival.
“Brazil from Pre-history”—Gold at Conferência Internacional de Produtores de Ciência e História.

Alex has worked as an arranger for Carlinhos Brown & Bahia Symphony Orchestra, Leo Gandelman e Natal Symphonic Band, Luciana Melo, Jair Oliveira, and Alessandra Maestrine. As composer of instrumental music, Alex has released 5 albums with his original works: “Imagens”, “Para Ouvir e Sonhar”, “Perto da Paisagem”, “Concerto para a Alma” e “Estações Brasileiras”.

In 2010, a selection of Alex’s compositions for feature film was performed live by the Orquestra Experimental de Repertório under direction of Jamil Maluf for the series “Cinema em Concerto”.

Currently, Alex lives in São Paulo with his wife and their wonderful two children. He can be found directing some of his latest works in Paris and Budapest as well.